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Rennie Harris Inc

Dr. Rennie Harris is the world leading hip-hop choreographer. He teaches around the world at universities and festivals and holds his own festival called illadelph Legends festival. He has choreographed for companies such as Alvin Ailey.

Camille A. Brown

Camille A. Brown is one of the leading choreographers in New York. She has received many awards and was nominated for a Tony Award. She has a dance company and has choreographed for productions such as Ma Rainy which is available on Netflix and Jesus Christ Superstar that aired live on NBC. She has a TED talk video that has over 10 million view.

Momentum Development

Momentum Development is a development and construction company based out of Pennsylvania. They handle development project from design all the way through construction. From smaller house all the way up to multiunit developments.

Every Body Move

Every Body Move is a community outreach program conceived by Camille A. Brown. The aim of the program is to “inspire and incite ambitious collective action fueled by the art of social dance.”

Tucker Builders

Tucker Builders is a family owned construction company based out of Philadelphia. They provide services such as total home remodels, additions, HVAC, hardscaping and more.


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